Learn to love the path God has for you!

  • Gain biblical truths and practical applications that you can use immediately
  • Learn from those who can identify with the difficulties you face and speak into your day-to-day
  • Trade loneliness and isolation for a community that empowers you to live in your God-given purpose
  • Feel understood and seen by people who have lived what you are living and who have experience in the path that you are on

Full Session: What’s our Problem with Singleness?

Dr. Dani Treweek

What you get

Lifetime access to over 15 hours of video content!

This series of talks and conversations cover topics such as:

  • Finding true community in the Church as a Christian single
  • Fighting temptation
  • Healthy dating
  • Truths that lead to contentment
  • Breaking the marriage fantasy
  • Finding joy and fulfillment in Christ
  • Building community, and so much more!
25 Sessions Covering a range of topics:
  • Does the Church idolize marriage?
  • How to be an emotionally healthy single
  • How to find your God-given purpose as a single
  • FOMO and trusting what God has for you
  • How to find your place in the church
  • How not to worry about tomorrow
Over 15 Christian Contributors
  • Theologians
  • Pastors
  • Mission leaders
  • Authors
  • Speakers
  • Podcasters

Singleness is not a problem to be solved.

Your relationship status is not your identity. Christ is your identity.

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